Good news in Afghanistan

At our harvest service we heard the incredible story of how BMS World Misson workers are helping to save lives in the remote mountain villages of Afghanistan. Hundreds of miles from Kabul, mothers and babies are dying from preventable illnesses and birthing complications that shouldn’t cost lives. BMS is working with local people on the ground to help defy the horrific statistics.

We heard about  Andisha and Mohammad.

Andisha gave birth to 11 babies, and each one of her precious children died within their first few months of life. For more than a decade, Andisha was a mum without any children.  But everything changed when a group of local women and men came to her village to teach the community a BMS-supported safe-birthing course. The simple lessons contained within that course transformed Andisha and Mohammad’s lives. They are now the proud parents of two beautiful children.  Andisha told the team: “What we’ve learnt here is the reason that my children are alive. The lessons you have given us have made all the difference in the world.”

Here is a link to the video which tells the story Life's First Cry and another link to a moving poem by URC poet/minister Lucy Berry.

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