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Good News for Everyone - Link
Here is the link which Dennis mentions in his talk, in case you missed it!
Open Good News for Everyone - Link

Shoebox news from Teams4U
We're delighted to let you know that we've collected over 43,000 shoeboxes nationally so far.
Open Shoebox news from Teams4U

Help over Christmas
Information from the Cheshire East Local Area Coordinator about support services and help available this winter.
Open Help over Christmas

During our video service on the theme of hands, some hands were busy combining creativity with prayer.
Open Hands

Christmas Shoe boxes
The 129 shoeboxes have been collected by Dave and Steve Cooke of Teams4U and are at the warehouse in Wrexham. They will be sorted by age and gender, ready for loading onto lorries bound for Romania, Belarus or Moldova. A few more pictures of the busy packers added on 20th November.
Open Christmas Shoe boxes

Reset the Debt
A campaign for a biblical Debt Jubilee for people who have been swept into debt by the effects of Covid-19, to relieve low-income households from the burden of unavoidable debt that many were forced to take on during lockdown.
Open Reset the Debt

The Joy of Creation
Creative offerings from members of our church community.
Open The Joy of Creation

"Zoom Coffee" - and more fish!
At our latest Sunday morning online chat time we enjoyed looking at the fish created as craft work during our online service. The service was based on the story of Jonah and the whale. And the fish pictures have kept arriving since then. You can see them in full technicolour detail, along with other works of art, on the Photos page.
Open "Zoom Coffee" - and more fish!

The Church in our post-Covid world -A reflection by Sally Nelson on the BUGB web
The Church has a unique opportunity to be a hopeful presence in a traumatised nation, but this needs to include speaking and listening.
Open The Church in our post-Covid world -A reflection by Sally Nelson on the BUGB web

The Baptist Union Environment Network
A new Baptist network that will connect people with a passion for the environment and climate change is to launch on 6 September  
Open The Baptist Union Environment Network